Just Jeeps of Jacksonville

Membership and Meetings


Membership Requirments

The only requirement to join Just Jeeps of Jacksonville is to enjoy the great outdoors especially off-roading and you must own a Jeep.  That’s it.


We have two meetings a month on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. The meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month is held at Dick’s Wings (10550 Old St Augustine Rd). The 3rd Saturday of the month we meet at Hooters (1740 Wells Rd, Orange Park). Everyone starts showing up at 5pm for food and fellowship. The meeting starts at 7pm.  For months that have 5 Saturdays, we have a Club get together which is determined by Club vote.  There is no minimum number of meetings you need to attend unless you are running for office.


Dues are $25 a year due by March.  With your initial dues you receive one free club T-Shirt and either a Club banner style windshield decal or a round Club decal.  Dues help to pay for certain Club activities such as our 5th Saturday get together and the annual Christmas Party.

Experience Level

Our club is made up of members with all skill levels and Jeep builds.  Stock Jeeps are welcome.  You do not need to have a full on out rock crawler to be a member, but we do that too.  There is something for everyone.  Looking to learn and improve your skill level, come on out and get advice and tips from some very experienced members.

Family Friendly

We are a family friendly club.  Children are welcome at most club activities.  Occasionally we will have adults only get togethers for our 5th Saturday parties.  We ask all members to keep the fact children are around in mind when it comes to speech and behavior.

A Respecful Club

We respect others:  We do not demean or speak disparagingly of other Jeepers or other Jeep Clubs.

We respect the rights of others:  We do not wheel nor condone wheeling on private property without permission.  

We respect our environment: We pack it in and pack it out. Better yet, we try to pack out more than we pack in. 

We respect our country and those that serve it: We love and support our Military and First Responders and of course AMERICA!  

We expect all members to up hold and respect these values.